When it comes to making the right business decisions, you need data science to draw meaningful conclusions from your data. SIVAKCI Consulting brings together your scattered data and enable your organization to make smarter and more strategic decisions. It transforms your data into powerful, flexible and end-user controlled reports that provide clear visibility into your business. SIVAKCI Consulting provides integrated technology solutions that work seamlessly, securely and confidentially.

As SIVAKCI Consulting, we know the importance of database design and schema; we understand the effects of performance tuning on an application. If you need reliable and cost-effective high-performance database solutions, SIVAKCI Consulting offers solutions for your organization that you can trust. SIVAKCI Consulting uses best practice and analysis tools to keep your applications stable and active.

SIVAKCI Consulting has experienced in the design, management and maintenance of large database systems, commercial databases and Decision Support System databases. SIVAKCI Consulting provides situation assessment, solution planning, solution implementation services and trains your team to use the produced solution effectively.